NORVAL'S Sensible Scotch Whisky and a Dash of Scotland like you have never seen before.

NORVAL'S Sensible Scotch Whisky is a fine example of the art of Scotland's blended whisky contains two grain whiskies and over 40 different malt whiskies judicially chosen and blended together to achieve an excellent roundness, depth and quality whisky that will duly remain long in the memory of those fortunate to have the opportunity to taste. The whiskies have an age of between 3 years and 7 years and represent also the traditional heritage of Norvals handed down over the last two generations.

Why is our Whisky Sensible?

Sensible means to be appreciated by the senses.

Our whisky can be appreciated by the sense of sight its amber colour strongly suggesting the fields of golden grain which were its origin.

It is obvious when you experience the delightful liquid in the glass.


The taste of pure Scotland, reminding one of the original whisky's lowland home.


Once the Sensible touches your tongue savour this quality blend.

And last but not least Hearing:

We hope you have heard our message, NORVAL'S Sensible Scotch Whisky is a rewarding experience and remember, always drink Sensibly.



"Norval's Sensible" 

Years ago, 'pon the Chapel Brae
The famous shout, you'd hear them say
A Norval's Sensible one for me
Wait there dear, there's Jock & Tam
Hell make that three.

And now at last, the years they've passed
The Sensible back from the past
A Scotch Whisky, Norval's named
Where now at last the wee dram famed
My face is filled with glee.

The Sensible's the one for me
In a wee nip glass, I love to see
The Golden brown, with water? no,
Take your time, dont rush it slow
It means so much to me.

Back once more or here to stay
There are questions, we must say
Regaining its old self esteem
A bottle o' it I'll always dream
O' Norval's Sensible Whisky.



Norval's Tavern

Here are two interesting pictures of the pub dating back to 1910.


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