Ian's grandfather outside the Chapel Tavern, dated 1910.

Ian's father in the Chapel Tavern dated, 1949.


"Norval's Sensible"

My Name is Norval !
My name is Henry Norval
I'm acquent wi' Whisky Stills,
Tho' my faither never fed his flocks
Upon the Grampian Hills,
I'm a canty kind o' Publican,
An honest trade I dae
In a tight wee Public Hoose
Upon the Chapel Brae.

I have ilka kind o' liquor,
Wine and Brandy, Rum and Gin;
I have drinks, too, for Teetotallers,
An' I winna tak' ye in.
I have Ginger Beer and Kola,
Hop Bitters, Lemonade,
An' Bread an' Cheese an' tasty bites
For my teetotal trade.

I have Bass's Beer and Porter,
I can tell the latest bars,
An' can fit ye out, if ye're inclined,
Wi' Baccy an' Cigars.
Lime Juice and Ginger Cordial,
Clenleven, Ivanhoe,
Wi' Casks o' Stout, an' Casks o' Sweet
About a score or so.

But o' a' the drinks I've mentioned,
For abstainers and the rest,
There are twa demand attention,
For I think they are the best.
There's my guid auld,
Whisky, "Sensible."
The faintest heart will cheer,
An my weel kent canty tipple,
My faur-famed Harmless Beer.

Sae come, my frien's, an pree them,
Be ye ill, or be ye well;
They're beneficial after suppers
Just as weel kent as after kail.
They,re never oot o' season,
Come and try them, don't delay,
But visit Henry Norval's Pub,
Upon the Chapel Brae.