Said to take its distinctive flavour from the waters of the Chapel Burn, near Kirkcaldy, Scotland the NORVAL Sensible Whisky was sold in the local public house in Chapel Village.

From backroom moonshining in 1857. You now can purchase a tasty piece of Scottish history directly from this web site for delivery worldwide. NORVAL'S Sensible Scotch Whisky. A whisky with a history and a distinctive taste.

Norval's Sensible is available in 70cl bottles. We also supply NORVAL'S flasks, miniatures and other related products which we will send worldwide for a UNIQUE ideal gift. Click here for details. Gifts

I am proud to tell you that we have released a 5 year old Highland Single Malt which will please all the requests that I have received.


The bottle front label design has remained relatively unchanged since first conceived. The central visual features a unique photograph of the village of Chapel, where the Tavern was the focal point. The matt gold, brown and cream conveys a sense of timeless nostalgia, whilst reflecting a whisky of unpretentious pedigree.


Sensible Scotch Whisky